At The Artist Ride, artists are welcome to photograph, sketch, paint, etc. a wide variety of 19th century type western models, with authentic costumes, weapons, saddles, tack & equipment of many impressions.   Some impressions portrayed include; mountain men, cowboys & frontiersmen, U.S. Cavalry, frontier women & children, and of course, PLAINS INDIANS.    Actually, the artists help select which impressions the models will bring by specifying anything special that they would like to see. Each artist writes these requests on the registration form.

We also have available wagons, buggies, teams, packhorses, mules, longhorns, wildlife and great natural landscapes.   Every year we try to set up something new. I don’t recall an artist ever going away disappointed about having attended The Artist Ride!   The biggest problem I’ve seen is the artists running out of film!

* Fees for the ARTIST RIDE  are $500.00 per artist plus a 5% sales tax (Total $ 525.00)

Artists AND assistants are REQUIRED to tip
the models each time they are photographed.

If you are interested in attending the Artist Ride contact Jim at (605) 341-0620 or

To keep things exclusive and also at a manageable size, only 50 artists are invited to the Artist Ride each year.

The dates for the 2010 Artist Ride are August 19th, 20th,  21st and 22nd ( Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday ).  Thursday, August 19th, is the day that we will be setting up an “Early Bird Special” for the artists that come early.
The Artist Ride is an annual (by invitation only) event.

Jim Hatzell became director of the Artist Ride in 1997 and has done his best to run it exactly as it's originator, artist - Dan Deuter, first  orchestrated the program.   Why mess with perfection?

At the Artist Ride (AR) Artists can gather any number of images from which to do their artwork that can be imagined.   Artist Ride models are carefully selected for their look, number of impressions, knowledge of history, horsemanship, and character. Most have appeared in motion pictures and documentaries.
The Artist Ride
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